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What is mobile media? It's no secret today that we use our mobile phones for just about everything. People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere. Whether you're a business professional or business owner, if you're not communicating via mobile, you are not communicating effectively with today's consumers. The mobile revolution is upon us. iZigg is building the largest world-wide mobile media community where businesses and people can now stay connected through the world's most recognizable Mobile Media shortcode, 90210. So how does it all work? It's really easy. There are three simple steps to putting iZigg 90210 to work for you: 1) Personalize. 2) Promote. 3) Play. Step 1: Personalize - Simply choose your personal name, business name, or desired keyword at 90210. Step 2: Promote - Share it with the world. Tell everyone. Put it in your store. Display it on your website. Step 3: Play - It's game time. Create your message or special offer, select your group, and hit send. Even better, if you're on the run, pick up your mobile phone and type one text message like you're sending it to a friend but instantly send it to your entire group. Whether it's a group of 100, 5,000 or more! Mobile media is also about receiving the information you are looking for on the go. With iZigg's first of it's kind, exclusive 90210 channels, you can receive the information that you want, when you want it, right at your fingertips on your mobile phone. Whether you want fun, factual, or informative, there is a 90210 channel for you. For example, text CELEB to 90210 for the latest in celebrity news. Text DIET to 90210 for healthy tips, or GREEN to 90210 for tips on saving the environment. 90210 channels give you the information you want, on the go. With iZigg 90210, it's just that easy. We put YOU in control of the Mobile Revolution.
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