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Integrating Behavioral Data & Online Survey Research

White Paper Published By: iPerceptions Inc.
iPerceptions Inc.
Published:  Nov 16, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Behavioral analytics and online survey research are both established disciplines in today's online environment, but as research tools, they've been largely siloed from each other. In this white paper, you will discover how the combination of the two has a powerful synergy that can answer many research questions unavailable to either source used individually. Specifically, you will learn: . The basics of integrating behavioral and survey data . How integration fundamentally changes the research program and how this impacts thinking about sample size . The importance of increasing take up / completion rates and best practices for accomplishing this . How actual customers have used the combination of behavioral and survey data to drive powerful and actionable learnings

Tags : 
web analytics, behavioural integration, survey, research, data, business intelligence, market research