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Puppet: Defusing the Server Management Explosion

White Paper Published By: Puppet Labs
Puppet Labs
Published:  Apr 05, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Today's enterprises draw their computing power from large numbers of low-cost processors and virtualized machines, fueling an exponential increase in the volume and complexity of server management. For IT organizations, server proliferation is a spiraling challenge, as manually driven administration practices result in myriad machine configurations. Compliance adds another layer of complexity to server administration, as IT organizations struggle to meet a growing amount of internal standards, security standards and legal directives.

Puppet Labs is the leader in IT automation. Our enterprise solution, Puppet Enterprise, is a model-driven framework designed to efficiently manage servers, the most critical element of today's data center infrastructure. Puppet allows system administrators to manage servers in a highly efficient and consistent manner, enterprise-wide. It enables IT organizations to provide more flexibility, predictability and transparency.

This whitepaper articulates why Puppet is a superior choice compared to today's most common alternatives for server management - internally developed tools and large management suites - and how Puppet can help IT organizations achieve significant economies of scale in server management, reach 99.999% ("five nines") uptime of data center resources, and improve the velocity of innovation through more frequent, confidently deployed software releases.

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