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Guide to B2B Leads: Judging Quality of Your Business Data

White Paper Published By: Jigsaw
Published:  Apr 12, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

The success of your marketing efforts - no matter how effective your sales staff or cutting-edge your marketing campaigns - depends on the quality of your business data. The data you know about your leads sets the direction for all of your activities throughout the funnel from initial contact to closing the sale.

High quality data points your efforts in the right direction and increases your chances of a sale while inaccurate, low quality data wastes time and resources. Moreover, the effort your sales force spends trying to contact leads with bad data, such as those with incorrect numbers of e-mail address, means that qualified leads aren't getting the attention required to convert them into customers.

This paper will discuss how to judge the quality of your business data and define the characteristics of your target customer. Next, we'll review how to craft marketing messages that resonate with your customer and finally how to complile and test your data prior to launching any type of marketing or sales campaign.

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