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Tokenization for Dummies

White Paper Published By: Liaison Technologies
Liaison Technologies
Published:  Jun 03, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  27 pages

"Tokenization for Dummies" introduces tokenization and its usage in protecting sensitive data-cardholder and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as Electronic Health Records (EHR)-to reduce the risk and cost of a data breach. The book explores both the on-premise and outsourced, or cloud-based, tokenization models, examines how they differ and provides insight to help organizations select the best variation for their data security and compliance requirements. It also presents best practices for protecting sensitive data, including encryption, tokenization, key management, network segmentation and logging for audits.

"Tokenization is a rising data security model that is gaining traction with companies across multiple industries, from retail and e-commerce to financial services and hospitality," said Dan Konisky, Liaison's director of Product Management. "Because the technology has developed rapidly, there is a lot of confusion in the market about what it is exactly and which variation is best suited to the task at hand. 'Tokenization for Dummies' presents the facts about tokenization in the clear, easy-to-understand format made popular by this genre of books. It will help data security professionals more easily evaluate whether tokenization - and what type - would be beneficial to their business."

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