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Databases at Risk

White Paper Published By: IBM Corporation
IBM Corporation
Published:  Jun 09, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

In a recent Research Brief, ESG analyzed the current state of database security.  Based upon a survey of 179 North American-based security professionals working at organizations with over 1,000 employees, ESG found that:

  • Databases house a higher percentage of confidential data than any other type of data repository.
  • Database security depends upon too many manual processes.
  • Enterprise-class organizations aren’t diligent enough about database security.
This Research Brief categorizes databases as a “dangerous and growing security gap” – and offers steps to improve database security across the enterprise, such as implementing “database security tools that provide a suite composed of database discovery, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, user monitoring, logging, encryption, and policy-based enforcement, and using “these tools to automate error prone manual processes and homegrown scripts.”

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