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WHY YOU NEED TO MONITOR THE WEB, A live Webinar sponsored by GFI Software

Webinar Published By: Osterman Research, Inc.
Osterman Research, Inc.
Published:  Jul 08, 2011
Type:  Webinar

The Web is incredibly useful for use in any business, but it creates a variety of problems:

  • Employees' personal Web surfing can waste several hours a day, particularly during major events like the World Cup, during the Holiday shopping season, or after natural disasters.
  • Corporate liability increases if inappropriate or illegal content is browsed or downloaded.
  • Data and financial loss can occur if malware is introduced into the corporate network.
  • Network bandwidth is reduced network.
What organizations need is a way to monitor employees' Web surfing and use of Web 2.0 applications in order to mitigate these risks and to help employees comply with corporate policies focused on appropriate use of the Web and other corporate resources.  

Join Michael Osterman of Osterman Research and GFI Software who will discuss the current state of the dangers of simple Web surfing and what you can do to address these concerns quickly and easily.  

Join us for this 55-minute Webinar that will address several key issues:
  • The serious legal risks your organization faces if you don't manage Web surfing and other use of the Web properly.
  • The risks from malware that can be introduced without appropriate monitoring.
  • How employees will improve their Web surfing habits when they know their activities are being monitored.
  • Why Web monitoring is an important part of a feedback loop that will help corporate management to keep its policies up-to-date.

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