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Reading Your Buyer's Digital Body Language

White Paper Published By: Eloqua
Published:  Sep 28, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Over the past several years, the buying cycle for B2B products and services has moved online. Easy access to product information, online content and social media have transformed how companies and individuals research and evaluate prospective solution providers. Buyers are more educated and have greater leverage in the negotiation process, and salespeople get involved the buying process much later than ever before.

To succeed in this new environment, businesses are adapting their marketing and sales processes to the Digital Body Language of their prospects. Digital Body Language is the online equivalent of the facial expressions revealed around the negotiating table. It is comprised of website visits, content downloads, keyword searches and email responses. In many ways, online buyer behavior provides the most accurate picture of prospect interest and intent. Learn how using clickstream data to zero in on buyer's pains, interests and motivations is allowing marketers to trigger automated processes like lead scoring and nurturing to drive better leads and intelligence for sales.

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