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Developing The Ideal Organization: Making The Right Moves

White Paper Published By: Saba Software
Saba Software
Published:  Feb 02, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

By elevating the informal, sporadic practice to that of a business process supported by technology, leading organizations can ensure that their best thinking is applied at all times to optimizing their workforce.

In the words of Jeff Higgins, chief executive of Human Capital Institute, "Organizations that want to avoid the problems of the past need to adopt a more rational, standards-based approach to hiring and managing employees. Too often, especially during boom conditions, hiring people has been too much like dating: if you like someone, you hire them and see what happens. But that has often proved to be a less than effective way of maximizing the quality of your workforce and its ­fit for the business scenario the organization is facing."

It's precisely this kind of difficulty that the new generation of workforce decision support software can help its users avoid as the organization heads for maximum competitiveness.

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