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Improving VDI with Scalable Infrastructure

White Paper Published By: F5 Networks Inc
F5 Networks Inc
Published:  Apr 17, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers many benefits to IT in terms of desktop mobility,  licensing simplification and ease of deployment. But desktop virtualization is more complex than server virtualization-it requires more of the network infrastructure, servers, server administrators, authentication systems, and storage. VDI's effect on the network is significant. The communication of GUI elements and user input adds to the network load. At the same time, VDI means that users are more subject to network vagaries than ever before.

VDI also carries security implications, particularly if organizations plan to allow remote logins. Exposing a VDI authentication server to the public Internet presents yet another attack vector to be exploited. These AAA and security issues must be dealt with directly, either through the chosen VDI vendor or through a third party.

Many organizations will likely choose a different vendor for desktop virtualization than for server virtualization-so these organizations' IT shops have two different vendors running in parallel. To manage this and meet the challenge of VDI, organizations need an all-encompassing solution that provides IT staff with the capabilities of a world-class Application Delivery Controller (ADC), plus application-specific enhancements and configuration options that support each of the major virtualization vendors.

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