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Transforming Retail with Mobile Apps

Webinar Published By: Appcelerator
Published:  Jun 25, 2012
Type:  Webinar

As smartphones become permanent fixtures in more and more pockets and purses, the impact of mobile apps on the retail shopping experience is only going to grow-at an increasingly rapid pace. In order to capitalize on the mobile boom, retailers need to find compelling ways to integrate mobile app technology into the shopping and purchase processes. Mobile apps can engage and influence consumers before they buy, when they're in-store and even after they leave-plus give sales associates new ways to interact with customers, confirm product info and prices, and check inventory.

Find out how to create new sales opportunities and bring the consumer shopping experience to the next level by leveraging mobile app technology. In a 45-minute Webinar from Appcelerator, you'll learn techniques for connecting with customers during the research, transactional, and post-purchase phases of the retail cycle; plus gain insight into the ways you could strengthen sales team performance with the help of mobile apps.   

Watch the Webinar, and discover:

  • How to create immersive experiences that make the most of mobile device features and functionality
  • How to build relationships with consumers as they discover your brand, visit your stores and complete purchases
  • How to create opportunities for future sales through loyalty programs and social sharing
  • How to get started in the mobile space, and position yourself for growth

Don't lose another customer to a retailer who has mastered mobile technology. Start using mobile apps to your business's advantage today. Watch the Webinar and find out how to transform your retail strategy now.


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