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Big Data Comes of Age

White Paper Published By: Teradata
Published:  Feb 26, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  46 pages

This survey and research report discusses shifts in the data management landscape and the movement to align data with operational and analytical workloads creating the best possible unified data architecture platform.  The survey identifies key trends surrounding the adoption, expectations, and challenges connected with big data. The EMA/9sight Big Data online survey was comprised of 255 Business Intelligence (BI) and data management professionals. The survey instrument was designed to identify key trends surrounding the adoption, expectations and challenges connected to Big Data. 

The research identifies trends surrounding big data technology, its use, adoption and how it impacts analytics.  Highlights and key findings from the research include:

    Big Data strategies are on the move
    Enterprise is leading the way
    It is not easy
    Different industries, different approaches
    It is not the size of the data
    Data Diversity

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big data, survey report, data management, landscape, movement, align data, operational and analytics workloads, business intelligence