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Making the Business Case for Deltek First

White Paper Published By: Deltek - Nethawk
Deltek - Nethawk
Published:  Mar 05, 2013
Type:  White Paper

Many organizations that do business with the government are adopting cloud-based versions of specialized business solutions with the aim of focusing limited IT resources on core business requirements and of using operational rather than up-front capital budgets. However, some organizations shy away from cloud implementations due to the belief that thesesolutions have a higher overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Yet these concerns are based just on incomplete information—often customers compare the cost of hardware and software for an on-premise solution with the subscription cost of a cloud solution. This white paper provides a comprehensive look at the TCO for both cloud and on-premise versions of specialized business solutions. This analysis finds that organizations using cloudbased implementations not only benefit from a higher quality solution, less risk, and faster time to value—they achieve these advantages at the same or lower total cost than an on-premise solution.

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