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Yelp's Top 4 Best Practices for Optimizing Local SEO

White Paper Published By: BrightEdge
Published:  Apr 15, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  3 pages

As search becomes increasingly local, SEO strategies and technologies that do not address local could miss out on a large opportunity - with a shortfall of upwards of 30%. As a result, 77% of Search Marketers will focus more on optimizign for local search in 2013.

Learn how a leader in local search, Yelp.com optimizes for local SEO with BrightEdge, and highlights best practices for marketers.

In this case study you will learn effective tips for local SEO, including:

  • Gaining visibility on current performance
  • Registering your local business with search engines
  • Establishing a strong presence on online local communities

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