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Aligning Virtualization and Storage Management

White Paper Published By: VMTurbo
Published:  Jun 18, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

One of the biggest challenges in virtualized infrastructure impacting application performance is the ability to manage resource contention in the underlying storage infrastructure. A common approach to reduce the impact of this challenge is to over-provision storage platforms with IO and disk capacity. However, this is a trade-off that leads to a higher cost per gigabyte of storage allocated to every virtual machine. The combination of storage costs and performance issues are preventing the adoption of virtualization over physical platforms as the primary choice for mission-critical and other IO-intensive applications, and are significantly impacting operational costs associated with service assurance.

VMTurbo Operations Manager with its Storage Extension aligns virtualized workloads with the underlying storage infrastructure to address these challenges and control the virtualized environment in the desired state—one in which workload performance is ensured while maximizing infrastructure efficiency.

Using VMTurbo, enterprises and service providers can:

  • Reduce ongoing storage infrastructure costs by 20-30% 
  • Significantly reduce operational costs by preventing complex storage problems and their impact on workloads, and, in turn, on end users
  • Ensure application performance and reduce risk
  • Enable IO-intensive applications to be virtualized reliably, bringing down the overall cost to deliver compute services to the business and customers
This white paper explores the challenges of controlling the virtualized data center’s storage infrastructure in the desired state, and the VMTurbo solution.

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