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Targeting Quality Candidates to Increase ROI

Webinar Published By: iCims
Published:  Oct 02, 2015
Type:  Webinar

Recruiting departments are increasingly adopting marketing techniques to attract the best talent to their organizations. Software solutions, such as the iCIMS Talent Platform, can help companies keep their brand consistent across all recruiting mediums through branded email communication, social media micro sites and more. Recruiting with an effective employment brand can increase candidate engagement and interest in joining your company.

In this webinar hosted by iCIMS, you will learn how recruitment marketing can help increase your recruitment ROI and land you the “Right Kind of Candidate” You will also learn to:

  • Appeal to your target audience - Create messaging around the skills of applicant groups
  • Create a persona of the perfect candidate - Envision the ideal candidate and tailor messaging to this persona
  • Reach candidates with your employment brand – Stand out on social networks, job boards and events

View the iCIMS recorded webinar today.

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