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Mobile Verses Reality

White Paper Published By: Entrust Datacard
Entrust Datacard
Published:  Jan 24, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  23 pages

While the security of mobile devices continues to fight an inaccurate perception, the reality is quite clear: mobile devices possess stronger security architecture when compared to PCs. When properly managed and protected, mobile devices serve as a formidable platform for securing digital identities and online transactions. Despite the growing reliance on mobility, IT decision-makers still incorrectly believe traditional PCs are more secure than mobile devices. To help organization understand how mobile security has matured, Entrust’s complimentary white paper,” Perception Versus Reality: Mobile Security Gains Traction as Enterprises Embrace New Technology” explores: • Reasons inaccurate perception of mobile security exists • Methods malware are infiltrating mobile devices • Latest mobile attack vectors • How to leverage mobile devices to secure identities, transactions and information.

To learn more, download this whitepaper. Compliments of Enturst.

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