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Revolutionizing how the world converts online traffic

White Paper Published By: Evergage, Inc.
Evergage, Inc.
Published:  Apr 17, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

Digital marketers spend $50 billion dollars a year getting consumers to say “YES” to their product and services. And yet, despite that dramatic investment in achieving online success, as an industry we have accepted a painfully low threshold for performance – conversion rates that average two percent or less. The reason is simple – the average consumer’s web experience remains static and irrelevant. Digital marketers have been focused on creating personalized experiences for their more engaged customers – certainly a smart thing to do, but it overlooks the importance of engaging new customers visiting your site with the promise of becoming a loyal customer themselves. It’s time to implement a real-time marketing solution. With Evergage, marketing and customer success managers can respond to what online visitors are doing – even when they arrive anonymously. Our solution makes Big Data immediately actionable, making it easy for you to understand your visitors and give them a relevant, personalized experience that will ultimately increase your website conversions.

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