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Compliance Update 2015

Webinar Published By: Workforce Software
Workforce Software
Published:  May 26, 2015
Type:  Webinar

Featured Presenter:
Paul Kramer, Director of Compliance and attorney-at-law
WorkForce Software

New labor laws are a regular occurrence these days… and yet they’re just a small slice of your compliance demands. To help you stay informed and effective, our Director of Compliance takes an annual look at some of the biggest upcoming challenges and lets you know how to prepare.

Drawing from more than two decades of experience as an employment law attorney, Mr. Kramer will outline the most pressing labor compliance concerns on the horizon and share practice-based tips for minimizing your organization’s risk.

You’ll get the latest guidance on:

  • The FLSA’s expanding overtime rules
  • Reasonable accommodation concerns
  • The uptick in retaliation cases
  • Avoiding FMLA danger zones
  • And much more…

Keep your business in the clear, and make sure your practices are consistent, compliant, and smooth.

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