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Why VNA, and Why Standards?

White Paper Published By: GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
Published:  Feb 23, 2015
Type:  White Paper

For years, healthcare provider organizations have operated as only loosely aligned departments, each with its own formats and systems for managing patient information. Today, the costs of this complexity, coupled with market demands for more collaborative care, are spurring many providers to seek to break down these departmental silos.

A vendor neutral archive such as the Centricity™ Clinical Archive solution(1), is a crucial tool in this effort. A VNA unifies images and documents across the care continuum to help teams make more informed decisions more efficiently. Explore this issue further in this session.

1-Centricity Clinical Archive includes the following product components: Centricity Enterprise Archive, Universal Viewer ZFP, Caradigm eHIE, Centricity Clinical Gateway, NextGate MatchMetrix EMPI, PACSGEAR PacsSCANTM

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