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Unlock the Key to Repel Ransomware

White Paper Published By: Kaspersky
Published:  Jun 15, 2015
Type:  White Paper

Youíre at your desk, working to finish a project on a deadline when, all of a sudden, your screen freezes and a dialogue box pops up to tell you that your computer is locked and your files will all be destroyed if you donít pay up. Unfortunately, this is not the script for a crime drama. Since many victims are willing to pay the ransom, this type of cryptomalware, is on the rise, netting millions of dollars for cybercriminals looking for a substantial return on their minimal investment.

Download Kaspersky Labís Unlock the Key to Repel Ransomware to learn:

  • Common ransomware scenarios and delivery mechanisms
  • Trends in this growing form of cybercrime
  • Recommendations to help your organization avoid victimization 

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