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How to Build a World-Class Sales Organization: With New Data from 2015 Sales Research

White Paper Published By: Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics
Published:  Oct 05, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Your salespeople are spending too much time doing paperwork and not enough time selling. They can’t get the information they need when they’re meeting with customers. Teams don’t collaborate or share best practices. Sales productivity is down and so is quota attainment.

After gathering data from more than 1500 sales executives, CSO Insights analysts began to see clear patterns. The top 10% of sales organizations—those with the highest quota attainment, revenue plan attainment, and win rate of forecast deals—have a lot in common.

So what is it about the top 10 percent that helps them land on top? More importantly, how can you use these learnings to bring about transformation in your sales teams? In this whitepaper, we will introduce the CSO Insights’s Sales Transformation Pyramid model, and we’ll lay out a framework for how your company can effectively bring together people, process, technology, and knowledge to create a competitive edge.

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