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Top 10: Firewall Shopping List

White Paper Published By: Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks
Published:  Oct 20, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  24 pages

As with sports cars, performance is a top buying criteria for firewalls. Because if you can’t keep up with the traffic—real traffic, not traffic in the labs—your apps will be unhappy, and your users even more so. Like test driving a performance vehicle, performance is not a single measure, it involves a combination of factors:
Total throughput: How much traffic can you push through the firewall? What percentage is encrypted? (Oh yes, that can slow you down, sports fan!)
Port speed: Start thinking 100GbE ports. You can buy this technology today, and it’ll be worth every penny. It’s like buying shoes for your kids that are a little bigger than they need—you’re never sorry a month later when their feet have grown a full inch. Be prepared.
Connections per second and the number of concurrent user sessions are part of the mix. Go ahead, let your network open up so CPS doesn’t hold you back.

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