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The Collaboration Trifecta

White Paper Published By: Smart Technologies
Smart Technologies
Published:  Dec 11, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Every company, of every size, in every corner of the globe collaborates at some level. At one end of the spectrum lies tactical communication and coordination between people, teams, partners and customers. The other end of the spectrum is reserved for those who are Collaborating with a “capital C” – in other words, who have established the tools, process and culture, and who have optimized their environment for Collaboration.

How can an organization transform its ability to embrace Collaboration with a capital C? The most successful collaborative enterprises have centered on this key point – great collaboration occurs when an enterprise establishes a collaborative culture, enables it with the right technology, and delivers a well-designed physical space conducive to collaboration. As work shifts from manufacturing to knowledge, as employers realize the importance of open workplaces, and as technologists observe how users interact physically, the new collaborative environment is as conscious of the physical workplace as it is the digital toolset. Those enterprises who blend physical and virtual together in support of a collaborative culture experience fewer barriers to collaboration, and foster more open and advanced collaboration.

This is the fourth paper in a series of publications that explore the insights gathered from the SMART Technologies Collaboration Council. The Council is comprised of collaboration champions from some of the most successful multinational organizations in the world, representing a diverse set of industries across finance, technology, academia and more. In this piece we summarize the Council’s views on IT’s role in enabling Collaboration with a capital C, including best practices and key actions an IT team should consider.

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