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Das Kreative Versprechen von Digital Marketing

White Paper Published By: Adobe
Published:  Feb 10, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Most companies say they embrace creativity and innovation. But the proof is in the digital marketing. Itís the way UnderArmour brings consistently powerful imagery to websites, smartphones and storesóso customers can feel the sweat and grit of a great workout, even if theyíre still in their work clothes. Itís how Apple reinforces its product design with crisp, clean digital marketingóinspiring busy people to stand outside of stores all night, just to be among the first to buy a new product. 

This whitepaper reveals the strategies can help you channel digital marketing creativity into business revenue. Use it as a guide for building your brandís creative dividends, and discover new ways to win your customersí hearts, minds and wallets.

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digital marketing, marketing creativity, creativity and innovation, interactive marketing, customer experience/engagement