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Analytics: The upside of disruption

White Paper Published By: IBM
Published:  Apr 22, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  24 pages

Powerful disruptions have occurred within the global marketplace. Long-standing business practices and interactions particularly between the business and IT functions have fundamentally
changed. Three of the most rampant disruptions are:

  1. Accelerated digitization: A digitized ecosystem is crucial for business success and it requires ever-expanding information access.
  2. Radical technology changes: The upsurge of big data and analytics technologies has vastly improved how data yields information.
  3. Knowledge can replace speculation: Organizations that deploy the right skills can leverage analytics and make the transformative shift to know instead of merely to speculate.

In this, our seventh annual IBM Institute for Business Value analytics global study, we find that a majority of organizations are embracing these marketplace disruptions as opportunities, intensifying their adoption of big data and analytics technologies. According to 95 percent of the 1,226 respondents surveyed, big data and analytics capabilities are now necessary to stay on par with competitors or required to outpace them.

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