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The Holistic Picture. Building Customer Profiles Through Data-Driven Marketing

White Paper Published By: Adobe
Published:  Apr 25, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

As a consumer moves from first contact with a company to first purchase and beyond—with stops at their mobile phone, tablet, social media page and nearest retail outlet along the way—the marketer needs to see every step, understand how each one fits into the bigger picture and create a fluid, seamless experience across all channels.

Data is the key to doing this. But simply collecting it won’t take you all the way. You must use the data to create holistic customer profiles, then use those customer profiles to create interesting, personalised and memorable experiences. This three-part, step-bystep eBook series explains how to actually use data to provide each customer with the best experience possible:

• Part One covers the importance of accountability
and attribution, what data-driven marketing can help
you accomplish and how to get started.

• Part Two (this eBook) discusses how to merge
data from disparate sources to create a complete view
of every customer, and then use that understanding
to deliver a seamless customer experience.

• Part Three explains how to use data and software
to predict what customers will do, and how to turn
that new knowledge into a business advantage.

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