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The Anatomy of a High-Octane Sales Team

White Paper Published By: Salesforce
Published:  May 02, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Once, sales was simple. It was all about the relationship between the salesperson and prospect. But the art of sales has evolved, becoming more complex. Hyperconnected customers are forcing businesses to make a distinct shift in their sales models, building on the traditional sales routines. Sales leaders are no longer going after prospects alone — there’s a well-oiled machine backing the typical salesperson, transforming selling from a transaction to a nuanced service integrated into the customer journey.

In short, today’s most successful sales models are rooted in team selling.

This e-book will take a closer look at the five teams that play a vital role in elevating each sale. These include field sales, inside sales, channel sales, sales operations, and pre-sales. We’ll break down the role of each, and then show you how to set up each of them to sell as a team so you can crush your numbers

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