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Build or Buy? 20 Identity Management Questions

White Paper Published By: Auth0
Published:  May 12, 2016
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Identity management has been a staple component of software since the dawn of computing: punch card batch jobs and early timesharing systems were protected by username/password authentication. With so much history, youíd think identity management would be a solved problem.

  • Maybe youíre doing something simple: no sensitive information or privacy issues, and your security requirements are modest, you donít have many users or many different types of users, youíve got only a few apps.
  • And youíre an experienced developer or part of a high-skilled team, been building authentication for apps, sites, APIs, services for years.
  • And your budget is pared to the bone. Have to make some choices Ė seems like a no-brainer to save the money for something more strategic.

Letís be honest: If youíre just using one or two social providers for a simple web application, without needing a username/password
database yourself, or any other more elaborate features, it is easy enough to DIY. By all means, leverage the basic authentication
libraries you can find in any open source framework, and be done with it.

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