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Is A Cloud-Managed Network Right For You?

White Paper Published By: Extreme Networks
Extreme Networks
Published:  Aug 30, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

The goal of a Cloud-Managed Network (CMN) is to make deployment, management and control over network infrastructure devices very easy, offset the need for trained IT staff at remote locations or for geographically dispersed organizations, and a CMN provides both OpEx and CapEx savings.

Donít make your decisions in a vacuum, as with anything, do your homework and learn about the many benefits that a Cloud-Managed Network can provide for your business. This comprehensive white paper provides you with information needed to successfully guide you through the decision-making process of determining the right network for your business.

Hereís what is covered:

  • Overview of the rapid evolution of wireless LANs
  • The Ins and outs of Cloud-Managed Networking
  • The many benefits of a Cloud-Managed Network
  • Top considerations you need to know when evaluating solutions

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