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Temporary Storage for Retail Stores

White Paper Published By: PODS for Business
PODS for Business
Published:  Oct 06, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

What if the new shipment was
delivered in its own sealed container
and didnít require immediate offloading?
Instead, staff could move the new
inventory onto the sales floor as they
needed it, leaving room in their stockroom
for other inventory and fixture moves.
This is exactly what happens when
PODSģ delivers your inventory to your
store locations.
PODS delivers a large, sealed container
to your storeís loading bay or parking
lot. Your home office can have the PODS
container delivered fully stocked with
new inventory for those seasonal or other
special events. The container remains
near your store location where it can be
used temporarily as extra space until
youíre ready to either empty it, or fill
it with merchandise to be returned to
PODS makes it possible for retailers to
enjoy the benefits of truly temporary
storage for unsold inventory, store fixtures
and other materials required for retail
operations. With locations nationwide,
PODS can service your retail locations
wherever they and your warehouses may
be located!

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