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The Future of Customer Engagement

White Paper Published By: LogMeIn
Published:  May 18, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

One would think that with so much customer data available, in so many places, companies would know exactly how and where to engage with their customers most effectively. But in fact, the distance between companies and their customers has never been wider.

Why? Because traditional customer service systems and CRMs just arenít up to the task of tackling todayís decentralized,  fragmented customer data. They canít collect it, let alone curate it and harvest insights from it to help companies understand who their customers are and what theyíre saying and doing. As a result, thereís a major disconnect between what customers want and what companies are delivering.

To understand this, this free guide need examines three seismic forces rocking the customer engagement landscape:

  1. Shifting demographics and new channels
  2. Intelligent self service 
  3. The changing nature of customer interactions

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