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ERP: Key to Distribution’s Evolution

White Paper Published By: Sage
Published:  Oct 17, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

The Future of Distribution Requires Next-Generation ERP

The distribution sector is bueted by macro-economic trends – that will help

Global Volatility
Today’s global supply chains can be torn apart by politics, weather, currency and commodity fluctuations, among other unpredictable events. Winning distributors rely on their technology infrastructure investments to cope with these fluctuations.

Blurred Lines 
Manufacturers will sell direct to customers, while retailers expand their reliance on private labels, taking on a CPG-brand management role. As a result, wholesalers need to add value-added services, from light assembly to offering their own branded product lines.

This strategic imperative adds a new layer of requirements for the functional software running your business. Are your current systems agile enough to embrace change? Or do they require unsustainable customization to legacy applications? Systems should help you, not hold you back.

Cost Cutting Alone Won't be Enough 
Wholesalers and distributors need to look past expense reduction as a means of success, by considering adjacent markets, partners, and services to grow revenues. As a result, they also need more agile technology backbone to grow with their business.

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