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GGR Communications Ltd are dedicated to working with you to achieve your business goals. We help improve the way you communicate allowing you to focus on your business. Founded in 1994 as a specialist Networking Company with expertise in legacy WANs, GGR has grown to offer the latest solutions and technologies for LAN, both fixed and wireless, IP telephony and routed WAN. Technical expertise Throughout its development, GGR has been an engineering-based company. Our reputation is built on the provision of sound technical solutions to suit customer business needs. GGR engineers are well-versed and qualified in the design, installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of data networks and IP voice systems, including Web based technologies, security appliances and software, remote access systems over VPN, VoIP and MPLS technology. Support GGR offer extensive support services including on-site hardware maintenance, remote monitoring and fault diagnostic assistance. Through established partner companies, GGR can offer private circuit provision and fibre optic and structured cabling. As a certified networking solution provider GGR are in a favourable position to offer a complete end-to-end service. From the selection of equipment in the network design stage through to installation, maintenance and after sales support services GGR will help you get the best from your project. Industry recognition GGR specialises in advanced network solutions and has industry accreditations from Cisco both as a Premier Partner and with specialisations in advanced Unified Communications (VoIP), wireless and security solutions in addition to foundation certifications in all aspects of routing and switching technologies. Underpinning GGR's attention to provision of quality solutions and services and continuing improvements is our BSI ISO9001:2004 quality accreditation.
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GGR Communications
Phone :
+44 (0) 1905 825999

Address :
De Salis House
De Salis Drive
Droitwich, Worcestershire

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