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Low Administration ROI Tool

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Published:  Aug 28, 2009
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"Find out why thousands of customers rely on IBM Informix Dynamic Server to minimize administration time and cost - and how this savings can add up big! Use the IDS Low Administration ROI tool to assess potential savings and expenses in deploying IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11. Custom results are available by entering information specific to your data server infrastructure, and see why IDS is the right choice to manage your corporate data infrastructure at a low cost. The Tool is based on numerous industry-wide assumptions, financial projections and projected administration tasks, not all of which are applicable to individual customers. Please note: These assumptions, projections and tasks are not guaranteed, and may vary from historical rates based on a variety of factors, including business conditions, competitive factors, and execution factors. The accuracy of your input may also affect the quality of the projections that the tool generates. IBM is not responsible for the quality of any projections rendered by the tool or any reports generated by the tool. IBM is not responsible for the accuracy of the data contained in the tool or any report, or how results are generated. Any reliance by you on the tool and any results from the tool is at your sole risk and will not create any liability or obligation for IBM."

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