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Endpoint Security: Proactive Solutions for Networkwide Platforms

White Paper Published By: ESET
Published:  Oct 07, 2009
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

This white paper examines the looming threat horizon that is forcing companies to reexamine their endpoint security functions and discusses ESET's solution for integrated security management that is built around its advanced heuristic technology. The threat landscape facing businesses has evolved significantly, and corporations are looking for security products that can protect against known threats and prepare for future attackers in a simple-to-use architecture. The past few years have witnessed several highly publicized cases of security breaches at major corporations. These high-profile incidents have emphasized the need to protect and control sensitive corporate information within the enterprise environment. As more data resides at the endpoint, administrators are being forced to defend a new architecture that has critical corporate resources dispersed around the globe. Fortifying the network perimeter, essentially placing sensitive data in a locked vault with towering walls, is no longer sufficient for enterprise security. The focus of many security solutions is rapidly moving away from a network-centric perspective and concentrating on the endpoints. Additionally, the threat landscape is evolving at an exponential rate that cannot be addressed by traditional security solutions.

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