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IT Compliance Perspectives & Best Practices

Webinar Published By: Mainline Information Systems
Mainline Information Systems
Published:  Oct 20, 2009
Type:  Webinar
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Thousands of U.S. businesses fail to meet government regulations regarding the secure archiving of electronic data, for three main reasons: . Business leaders are cavalier about the consequences of noncompliance, thinking "it could never happen to me/us" . They do not understand the regulations . There is an inability to make compliance a priority within their organizations While these requirements can seem like a burden, they actually provide an opportunity to streamline and automate core business processes. A well-designed information infrastructure helps improve operational efficiency while simplifying compliance and audit processes. In this webcast, you will learn about: . Laws that are already in effect . Examples of actual court cases and penalties . How to comply through people, process and technology . Industry Best Practices

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