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Critical Risk Factors in an E-Commerce Environment

White Paper Published By: RackSpace Hosting
RackSpace Hosting
Published:  Apr 16, 2010
Type:  White Paper
Length:  3 pages

In an E-commerce environment, the risks associated with availability, performance, scalability and security should take priority in building a risk mitigation strategy. These factors are critical to consider even in a hosted E-commerce environment and should be addressed whether the organization is small, medium or large, currently running an Ecommerce environment, or thinking of starting an E-commerce site. Others that will find this information helpful are organizations wanting to know more about mitigating risks to an E-commerce environment as well as maximizing customer trust when using their platform. This article serves to identify various areas of risk that are commonly associated with an Ecommerce environment. It applies to a broad range of audiences from a single merchant hosting their own E-commerce site, to a hosting provider for E-commerce merchants, to a company that makes shopping cart software, or even someone looking into Cloud offerings as a solution. Because E-commerce technologies can apply to a myriad of businesses, the applicability is moreover based on a business's goals with their E-commerce platform.

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